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2024 Glass Collection

Egyptian Museum
Proudly Introduces
2024 - 2025 Glass Collection

What makes Egyptian Glass “Egyptian”?

  It’s a question asked by many new customers so we shall share the background of Egyptian glass making and what makes Egyptian Museum glass different from any other available today and for over 22 years.
Egyptian glass making in the modern form has been around since the beginning of the 19th century when a resurgence of the art form of glassblowing took place. Egyptian glass making is a highly artistic craft  and the techniques are passed down from generation to generation usually from father to son as the profession is mainly limited to men. Men dominate the glass making industry for a number of reasons-strenuous work, extreme temperature exposure to face and hands and burn potential. And, in general, in Egypt, women do not usually work as crafters.


We only sell to retailers, if you are not a retailer and interested in our products, send us an email with your city and state and we'll email you closest stores that carry Egyptian Museum products.

AW Collection
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