Box Sets of Ornaments


All items in 6 assorted colors, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red & Yellow unless specified. 

Box sets are ordered in minimum of 4, except O-583, minimum of 2 sets.

Icicle sets are ordered in minimum of 4 sets. (*) 2021 new items

All ornaments are offered in variety of top selling styles, shapes and colors and no more than 3 per style in group.

O-549 3.5"
Box set of 3 assorted balls in styles and colors
O-599 4"
Box set of 3 assorted shapes with crystal cut design in assorted colors
O-263 2"
Box set of 3 etch balls
in assorted colors
O-583 2"
Box set of 12 mini ornaments, assorted styles, colors & shapes
O-590 1.5"
Box set of 3 mini outer swirl Diamond Drops in assorted colors
O-585 3.5"
Box set of 3 Starburst ornaments as pictured
O-598 2.5"
Box set of 3 mini Teapots in assorted styles, shapes and colors
O-992 (*)
Box set of 3 clear iridescent musical notes as pictured
O-995 7" (*)
Box set of 3 braided clear iridescent glass icicles as pictured
O-597 6"
Box set of 3 Outer Swirl Icicles in assorted colors
O-548 6.5"
Box set of 5 Teardrop Icicles in assorted colors
O-596 5"
Box set of 5 Blended Colored Glass Icicles as pictured
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